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When implementing a project, two of the biggest constraints facing construction companies are time and budget. We think about the fastest and most cost-effective way to get the project running.  With this in mind, construction site trailers come in handy for construction companies. They not only reduce overhead transportation costs, but are also more affordable than renting office space near the site.

Site trailers do not only save money but also provide a conducive office space for your workers which could help them save energy and perform at their best.

Here are some of the practical advantages of using site trailers:

  • Flexible and affordable. Construction site trailers are delivered to the construction site which means that you will not be burdened with complicated logistics which prolong the waiting time for a building to be constructed. Then once the project is complete, you can simply haul the trailer to the next site.
    • SBI Modular Trailers Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services and products such as modular offices and customizable, ready to roll mobile offices. We offer a complete set of on-site services, customization and unit retrofitting to meet all your needs.
  • Saves money and time. Having a safe place where you can store tools and equipment on site prevents the theft of important documents and tools. Site trailers also eliminates the need for daily travel to deliver tools to and from the job site. Travel time spent to retrieve or locate equipment could be spent working at the job.
  • Maximizes productivity and increases workers morale. Site trailers allow your Project Managers and foremen to manage the construction of your project first hand. At the same time, they have the convenience of having a construction site office where they could conduct business transactions and office work. Since construction environments are noisy and dirty, site trailers provide your workers a safe, comfortable and quiet place to work.
    • SBI Modular’s job site trailers come in a variety of sizes and models like security offices, self contained offices, lavatory, guard shack and SKID offices, among others.
  • Provides shelter for workers. Site trailers give your workers a comfortable place to rest. This reduces their exposure to inclement weather conditions which can cause them to become sick and miss work.
    • Some mobile offices are equipped with a water source so there will be no need for sewer lines and water source. They also have built in kitchen and bathrooms as well. SBI Modular designs beautiful washrooms and lavatories that available in various sizes and configurations.
  • Aside from these practical benefits, mobile office trailers are also built to be environmentally friendly since there is no need to assemble parts. This means there are no building materials that will be discarded.
    • SBI Modular has been designing and building modular trailers for purchase or rental since 1987.

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