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Serving Alberta and Western Canada since 1987, SBI Modular is the expert in modular structures and related installation and modification services.

SBI’s first venture started with one truck and a crew of four at the 88 Calgary Winter Olympics as a sub-contractor installing/dismantling relocatable structures & media housing. Over the next decade, we had grown to 10 service trucks and a crew of 40.

In 2007 we became a Part 10 certified builder and began manufacturing, opening a new facility at our current location in Carstairs, Alberta.
Our first Self-Contained Skid Lavatory (internal H2O & Septic tanks) was designed and built in 2009. It soon became the industry standard, making the 12’x32’ Skid Lavatories and their external sewage tanks obsolete. To this day, SBI continues as the industry leader in wet units and custom equipment. A proud Alberta company with deep local roots, we’ve had an incredible journey from the 88 Olympics to today’s world.

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For 33+ years, SBI has been a leader supplying and servicing modular equipment throughout Western Canada.

Our main office and manufacturing plant is located in Carstairs, Alberta, a 30-minute drive north of Calgary. Our projects span from Vancouver Island to Manitoba and from the US border deep into the Northwest Territories. Serving all of Western Canada.

Our experienced field personnel can make modifications in-house or travel to the client’s site and perform the required modifications and optional CSA Re-Certification without the additional cost and inconvenience of shipping equipment offsite.

From single units to multi-story complexes SBI can return your used equipment back to productive assets.
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